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Mr Waah

Posted by sarah on September 4, 2000 at 3:25 PM

An unusual moment when baby Waah is asleep and I am at the computer! Little Geraint is now six weeks old and that delicious mix of absolute gorgeousness and total pain-in-the-arse-dom that babies are. He's EXTREMELY cute and loveable and lovely-looking and his little ways are endearing and utterly exhausting. He has the knack of keeping me awake 24-7 and demanding to be fed every ten minutes for hours at a time. I am totally anxious about him, looking for signs of problems (as I did with Elaina).

We’ve been having a lovely time. Just staying in bed, cuddling, feeding and caring for our little one.  Having found each other rather late we intend to make up for it. And we’ve also put the house on the market and buy a property on the river as a place for us to raise our family and keep little Geraint safe.

Angela Gray and hubbyMike came for the weekend. I told them both about Geraint's condition and they were really supportive. Angela couldn’t put him down!

Elaina is doing very well at her new school and seems to be settling well. Gethin continues to stay and dotes on his little brother.

Mum has been down a couple of times and even Grandma Lucas made the journey from Cardiff to see the baby and she's nearly 90. My only sadness is that my father hasn't yet come and I need to see him face to face. It's too far for me to travel. 

Alun is now over at Landshipping looking at the old place we are considering. Elaina will be home soon and I’m spending a little me time, having had a really rough night with the little one last night.

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