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Posted by sarah on October 17, 2000 at 3:40 PM

Geraint had his vaccinations last week. Alun stepped in and held him during the procedure. It broke my heart to see Geraint in pain.

We went very gently for a couple of days and he perked up fairly quickly. He passed his 8 week check with flying colours - in fact he was definitely showing off in front of the doctor and enjoying the attention.

Today he had a check up with the paediatrician who was most impressed with his physical development. His head circumference, length and body weight are all coming along swimmingly.

Alun and I are very proud of him! Alun never doubted his progress and keeps saying 'I told you so'. It’s lovely being able to do the job well!

I’ve been trying to get Geraint used to the idea of going to bed awake and falling asleep in bed - and then quite coincidentally I read an article in the Sunday paper about a nursery nurse who’s written a book to help mums get their babies into a sensible feeding/sleeping routine (Gina Ford).

Made a lot of sense. Basically said that allowing the baby to be in charge and to be demand fed on an indefinite basis doesn’t mean babies will automatically know what’s right for them - and can end up leaving both parties exhausted.

Then I happened to see the book on sale in Tesco’s and having read it I’m now trying out the programme.

Today is our first day at it and it helps by providing a sensible structure to the day and night. Amazingly,

Geraint seems happy enough going along with it. The crucial point is making sure he gets the fatty bit of milk which takes about 20 mins sucking to reach, and then giving him a long enough break between feeds to digest and feel hungry again.

It provides a timetable of naps, which means I’m not so panicky about when I’m going to have some time with an asleep baby!

Ultimately, it should provide us with more sleep at night, a habit I’m keen to cultivate if I’m going to manage to return to work.

I’m feeling so much better. I drove for the first time in ages, and took Geraint shopping and we both managed pretty well. My strength is beginning to return.

We bought some grub and I cooked Alun his favourite - a proper lamb nosh-up to come home to after a hard day’s work. We all had fun rounding up the cows to take them over for a date with a bull. It was a bit scary but we soon got the hang of it.

Alun’s fast asleep on the settee and I’m going to have to wake him up soon because it’s a perfect night for hunting (ie blowing a gale and no moon). But I don’t have the heart to disturb him. Half an hour more........

I’ve been out in the weather a little too. Nearly scared myself to death walking down towards Little Milford late at night under the windy moonlight stimulated all my senses.

I’m taking the walk in order to boost my exercise levels. I have a little route over here and another one in Landshipping.

What I'd like to be able to do is jog, but when I try it everything hurts and I end up with a minor asthma attack! But I am determined I'll do it eventually.

We have a potential buyer for the our house, one of Shirley’s neighbours, has said he wants it - and he’s put his house on the market, so finger’s crossed.

Alun is particularly keen to get things moving. I’m hoping it will happen soon, but hopefully once the worst of the winter weather is over.

I’d love to spend one more Christmas here at the Hawthorns before moving, but if the chance comes we must take it.

Either way, we’ll all have a lovely time no doubt. When we are over there it feels very exciting. The last time we were there the tide came right up near the gates and it had a real overseas holiday feel.

I went a little further with my walk and noticed that all the homes and gardens are really pretty and well-maintained, being in the National Park, so it has quite a special atmosphere to it.


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Reply susan
6:01 PM on September 7, 2012 
You have worked so very hard, people do not realise how much this sort of project takes it out of you and your relationship with loved ones, I know we have done the same thing x best of luck for the future all of you x
Reply meilleur massage lyon
8:15 AM on April 12, 2017 

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